21. Juli 2016


  • Where do the workshops take place?

    – We provide tents for Yoga, AcroYoga, Martial Arts, Manege, Dance& Theater and Family Workshops. Slackline, Parkour and Explore Workshops take place outside.

  • Where do I sign up for a workshop?

    – You sign up on site at the festival. It is not possible to sign up online

  • How do I sign up for workshops?

    – You can always only sign up for the coming workshop unit, the process will be explained at the start of the festival.

  • Where can I park my car?

    – You’re not allowed to drive on top of the Gurten! There is a car park at the Gurtenbahn station but you have to pay there. It’s easiest to travel by public transport.

  • Is it free to camp?

    – Yes. When you buy your ticket, you also get a free spot for your tent.

  • Where can I put up my tent?

    – There is a camping site right next to the workshop area.

  • Are there toilets and electricity to charge phones/cameras etc.?

    – There are toilets next to the campsite. Due to the infrastructure on the Gurten, we do not support electricity for charging devices.

  • Where and when can I buy my meal ticket?

    – You can buy your ticket online.

  • What does the meal ticket include?

    – The meal ticket includes 6 filling organic vegan meals:  2x morning meals (Sat, Sun), 2x lunches (Sat, Sun) and 2x dinners (Fri, Sat).

  • Can I join as a volunteer?

    – Yes, we’re glad for everyone who wants to contribute! Go to our volunteer site for more info – LINK TO VOLUNTEER SITE

  • Is it possible to become a teacher or do a lecture at Bern MOVES?

    – Of course it is! If you’re interested in providing a workshop or lecture please contact us at info@bernmoves.com

  • Are there any jams or free space in the program?

    – The program is packed with workshops and events, however, you can always skip a workshop to just jam or visit the city.