8. August 2016


We are a handfull of associations from Switzerland who have the vision to connect Movement enthusiasts by creating space where we can move, play, explore and inspire each other. We wish to create a welcoming world of Movement, where we experience and rethink movement in a mindful and conscient way for individual and collective growth.

Therefore we have organised events and coordinate and connect movement enthusiasts to celebrate the diversity of movement in Switzerland. EveryBODY can be a part of this community. We don’t have a leader, and we never pocket profits. Become a member now!



The body is made for moving, but moving is not just for the body. Mindful movement sets the us in motion. It changes our perception of places and people. And the more ways we move, the deeper we get to know ourselves.


We love to play, and we love to challenge the given. For us, playfulness is a path of life where we set ourselves in motion – through motion. And doing so, we leave the comfort zone and enter the creative zone. We do this with safety in mind and without a focus on performance.


We’re explorers of the unknown. We let go and lose ourselves to the new, because we want to feel at home in our bodies. We learn for daily life through movement. Everywhere we go, we bring that feeling with us. And as we move along, adventure becomes our way of living.


We’re open to each other, so we can learn from each other. For us, inspiration is being together in a sharing community and at the same time growing individually. That s why we replace ambition and competition with curiosity and generosity.