25. Oktober 2016


Bern MOVES events gallery

You’ll find pictures from past events on this page. Newer events are uptop and older ones further down.


Bern MOVES Flash October 2018 – Marzili, Bern


Bern MOVES Flash April 2018 – Marzili, Bern

Special thanks to Marc Steinemann for the pictures of the Flash!



Bern MOVES 2016 – Gurten, Bern

A very warm thank you to Melanie Hoeld Photography for the edit & filming!

If you wish to get the high-resolution pictures for any use, please contact Katharina. She has also created a crowdfunding for this reason (distribution of high-resolution pictures). Please participate and send her the confirmation. Please don’t crop the watermark for facebook pictures. If you have any questions feel free to contact Katharina.