21. Juli 2016



Christina Eggenschwiler
Yoga for happy Feet
Outside in nature and in movement is when and where Chris feels most at home and in her heart. She deeply loves the mountains and the sea where she goes rock climbing, freeriding and diving. In the city she enjoys sharing the practice of Yoga outside, in parks - being part of the Guerilla Yoga Bern Charity Project. Over her 10 years of practicing and teaching experience many beautiful stories with wonderful people have unfolded. This keeps her moving.
Dominic Abplanalp
Athletic Yoga
Dominic was always on the move: in the snow, on the rocks, on the slacklines, ont the yoga mat... The movement was a self purpose but also a nive balance to the daily routine and the top-heavy studies. And since a few years, he changed his working space of a physics lab to the yoga mat.
Anita Huwiler
Friday Flow
Anita took her first Yoga class during her studies. Since this very first yoga practice she’s been fascinated by the mix of body and mind challenges, self-reflection and mindfulness that Yoga offers. She also loves to dance and to express herself through movement, preferably surrounded by family and friends.
Monique Cornwell
The Tree, A Dancing Yoga
Monique has been in movement since the age of 15, starting with a personal deep stretching practice and physical theatre explorations, moving through the worlds of dance theatre, martial arts and yoga – studied contemporary and classical dance, and moved into experimental choreography in dance, voice and music. Born in CH, grew up and studied in UK, then lived studied and developed projects in Holland and across Europe and Russia. Movement holds for her the seeds of joy and self-discovery, learning, exploring, daring, challenging our own patterns and beliefs about the role of movement in society and in our own lives. Making tangible our beliefs about ourselves, offering a way to awareness about the way in which we live and view our lives. Dance is the art which will never leave you, wherever you are, so there is your dance, So is your song. A powerful way to stay inspired in all aspects of life.
Adriana Brueggemann
Flowing with Ease
Coming from gymnastics and endurance sports like running and swimming, Adriana has been confronted with different types of movement from a very young age. However, it was the yoga practice that brought the necessary awareness and reflection to discover what movement means to her. Movement is an expression and a tool to go deeper into the mind, a direct connection between mind and body. This allows emotions, impressions and thoughts to arise and be worked through during a yoga or other physical practice. It is Adriana's intention to help others discover and deepen their connection of the mind-body in order to feel good in one's skin and unleash undiscovered power within.
Summer Dien
Guided Ashtanga Class
Summer Dien is an international yoga teacher of pranayama and ashtanga. Summer completed her training in 2013 with Paul Dallaghan. She worked at Samahita Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand for two years, where she taught pranayama, mysore/ashtanga, restorative, and guided meditation. Summer continues to study extensively with her teachers Sri OP Tiwariji and Paul Dallaghan in the areas of pranayama and asana.
She is trained in the classical pranayama practices of the Khaivalyadham lineage and in the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa system.
 Summer has a liberal, non-dogmatic approach and believes in using the body in the most intelligent way possible. While non-traditional in some ways, she adheres to the general principles of the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. She advocates modifying the poses to suit the student’s current needs and abilities. Summer is committed to the path of yoga and dedicates her life to fully supporting and uplifting others by passing on the ancient yogic practices of asana and pranayama. Summer is very excited to serve the yoga community in Bern and share her knowledge and experience.
Karin Germann
Open Your Heart
Karin Germann has been teaching yoga since 2011. She loves to move, dance, to explore and travel the world. Founder and owner of Yoga Bude in Thun.
Pedro Carnier
Pranayama - Nauli Krya - Asana
Teaches yoga since 2003 with a dynamic method that proposes daily challenges to your mind and body. Music and pedagogy are intrinsic moves in his life too. He has lived in Brazil, England, Spain, Italy and has moved to Switzerland in 2008. Nowadays he works as a school teacher, develops musical projects and teaches yoga at Physiomed in Fribourg.
Mario Schuhmacher
Rise your inner sun Flow
Some people call him Marionkey. He loves bananas and climbing. In his class he will awake your inner heat with movements from Yoga, Pilates and other inspirations, to have a perfect start into the day. Followed by a Banana for Dessert.
Eduard Vijulie
Dancing Yoga
Eduard was active from an early age, his desire for physical expression got him to try out a large number of sports throughout his childhood. Later in his adult life, while he kept movement as a daily habit he refined his search and during a 7-months trip in India he got the chance to study yoga. Since then, even though he experimented with various styles of dance such as latino or ecstatic, martial arts and slack lining, he kept yoga as his main practice as he perceived it as one of the most potent tools in physical expression. In 2016 his love for dance eventually penetrated his Yoga practice and Dancing Yoga was born.


Cate Spinnler
FUNdamentals / Star Universe
Cate loves to move ever since she was a girl. Gymnastics and dancing gave her joy and a passion to deepen what she loved. Connecting more to the body and mind, being curious about the alignment in many ways of different movement, opened new doors for her. Today she loves to teach Yoga (Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow), got hocked up with the Acroyoga back in 2011 and did all her trainings to become an Acroyoga Teacher Level II. A day without movement is like a day without the sun and a smile. She loves to focus on smart movement as well train that way. Further she moves to spread the joy and love for what she does. Connection through playfulness and trust are just amazing.
Olivia Winiger
Standing acrobatics advanced / Ready, Aim, Fire!
Olivia is extremely passionate about human powered mobility. Curiosity keeps leading her down new path and she loves to combine new things and a spirit of playfulness to connect with your inner child. Especially the practice of AcroYoga is one of her greatest teachers as it provides endless opportunities to leave your comfort zone, to be adventurous and playful, to connect with others but also stay present with yourself. It’s been a vision of hers to create space where movement enthusiasts can connect and share their passion with each other in a mindful way. And now it seems that this vision has manifested itself in this festival Bern MOVES, a world of movement!
Andrea Tóth
FUNdamentals / Star Universe
Andrea is a world traveling yoga teacher. Andrea discovered yoga in her search to regain flexibility and health for her body. Yoga became a passion and a life-style. "AcroYoga has taught me many things about myself, about my body and my relationships." An exceptional teacher, Andrea emphasises mindful movement, proper alignment and individual care. With Andrea, you feel as if she understands your needs – where you are on the mat today – and you strive just that much harder because of it. Andrea is a certified teacher in Bikram Yoga, Synergy Partner Yoga, AcroYoga, Rainbow Kids & Family Yoga, Power Yoga.
Charlotte Estaugh
Hula Hoop&Acro: Show tricks / Ready, Aim, Fire! / Dynamic Flows
Charlotte Eastaugh is an explorer and celebrator of life. She strives to empower and inspire through physical expression and play, delivered through teaching, performing and fooling aroun. She has a background in circus arts and is also a certified teacher of Partner Acrobatics, traditional Hatha Yoga and a practioner of Thai massage. Her classes are supportive, challenging and fun, delivered straight from the heart. Founder of UP RISING acrobatic yoga.
Kizzy Ryall-Davies
Hula Hoop&Acro: Show tricks / Ready, Aim, Fire! / Dynamic Flows
Kizzy likes to dress up in outlandish attire and attempt to please audiences with comical and chaotic behaviour. She is classically trained in ballet, contemporary dance, jazz dance and gymnastics. However, recent circumstances have led her to discover a new found passion for acro yoga and the circus arts! She hopes to bring joy, creativity and connection through play, and cannot wait to lift and be lifted to new heights at Bern!
Baptiste Raffanel
Stand up and Fly
Ever since he was very young he needed to move a lot. He did lots of different kinds of sport before he found his passion: Circus. Since 17 years he’s specialising in handstands and acropartnering and he likes to move so much that he decided to be a professional circus artist. Doing handstands makes him feel strong, stable and healthy and through AcroYoga he was taught how to work with other bodies, how to move together, how to trust people and to receive trust by them.
Daniel Marty
Handstand on Bodyparts
Daniel has always been passionate for all kind of outdoor activities and (fun) sports, be it course cycling, swimming, mountain running, soccer, hiking, climbing, skiing, stand up paddling, and most notably windsurfing. He was working several years as a windsurf instructor back in the 90s and one of his passion remains the hunt for big storms and waves (‘stormchase’). In 2008 he discovered Yoga and in 2013 AcroYoga, which ever since became a new passion. Daniel believes that AcroYoga definitely is a ‘fun sport’, that combines loads of fun and sport (‘work out’) with meeting people and making new friends all over the world by taking risks and having and sharing success (or failure) together, and by building trust and communities.
Alex Attinger
Handstand on Bodyparts
Alex is a sports addict who discovered his passion for acrobatics in 2013. He is fascinated by the unique combination of play, focus and trust and the connections formed between base and flyer.
Jo Mydla
Stand up and Fly / Standing acrobatics advanced
Moving is part of his life. Being a physiotherapeut he is working with body movements every day. But when he saw what amazing figures and movements two bodies can create together, he got a passionate acrobat. Johannes is practising partner acrobatics since more than ten years and has also experience in stage performance and teaching. Partner acrobatics means for him sharing moves and have a lot of fun together!
Irene & Tijn
Therapeutic Flying
Irene and Tijn started moving many years ago. They teach monthly acroyoga workshops in Bern, where they live since 2012.


Marc Thompson
Get up, Stand up! Slackline Mounts
Marc’s love for movement really started to become more concrete when he started to slackline. The community in Bern and elsewhere opened countless doors to explore deeper and discover more types of movement as well as lovely people. A vicious circle of the good kind.
Christian Krr' Rojek
Highline Preparation
His first contact with slacklining was in 2006, but when he got introduced to long- and highlining in 2010 things really started. From then on every free minute was dedicated to travelling to different highline destinations around the world. Apart from slacklining he is also an enthusiastic cyr spinner, acroyogi and climber.
David Schäppi
The World of Rodeo
David likes to explore movement with a playful approach. His background is colourful and varied: Capoeira, Cyr Wheel, Acrobatic-Dance, Juggling and last but not least Slackline. He works as a primary school teacher, but he is as well involved in many different projects with circus, street art, and as well the organisation of Bern MOVES. His aim is to find lightness and dance in every movement of the body.
Thomas Buckingham
Thomas started urban-slacklining in Bern, Switzerland in 2007. He walked his first highline in 2008 in central Switzerland, this really was the starting point for his fascination for slacklining in all its facets. He likes the creative act of rigging stuff and collects slackline gear. He is pretty much interested in most slackline related topics. Besides slacklining he works as a geologist in public relations, education and science.
Ando Franscini
About the breathing and balance
Ando has an undying stoke for slacklining and Movement in general. He has walked some incredible highlines and achieved a lot in the past year, yet he'll always be happy to giggle and wiggle on a short rodeoline in the park.
Benjamin Herren
The diverse world of the slackline
Via slacklining and climbing Benj really got in touch with movement. Today he is an active mover with the passions in outdoor sports and acrobatics. The freedom to set your own goals is inspiring and motivating at the same time.


Ramon Siegenthaler
Movement is Ramons life. On the way to become a professional handball-player, he discovered Parkour with his friends and it changed his life. Ramon and his friends from ParkourONE are Parkour-pioneer in Switzerland. Ramon became a professional traceur and teacher who invests all his power and knowledge in teaching Parkour and sharing his passion since 2008. His goal is to give the people the natural movement back, which they had lost since theyr childhood. Join his Parkour-FIT class and discover the possibilies of a 1h lunch-break-fitness-tool based on the philosophy of Parkour.
Rino Vanoni
Parkour Beginner-Class
Rino is a Bern based second generation traceur. Fascinated by the freedom one can gain by moving he loves to explore efficent movement in every phisical and mental way. Overcoming physical obstacles means improving mentaly.
Not only is he fascinated by the movement but by the art of teaching. Rino is very dedicated to passing his knowledge to others which for him means passing the posibility to choose to others.
Léa Brand
Parkour équilibre - Entdecke die Vielfalt des Balancierens
Léa is Headcoach in our Parkour-class in Bern and she moves because its her passion. To feel her body, the flow of movement and the limit of what is possible is her motivation to move.
Vera Imoboden
Parkour équilibre - Entdecke die Vielfalt des Balancierens
Vera Imboden is practicing Parkour since 2009 and she's teaching classes for about two years. She loves the freedom of movement in Parkour. It's fascinating to discover the own limits and expand them.
Arvo Losinger
Parkour équilibre - Entdecke die Vielfalt des Balancierens
If you do Parkour you get an other view of the urban room in which you live. It's all about liberty and satisfaction!
Josua Röthlisberger
Parkour Beginner-Class
Josua loves to move his body in his environement other than everybody else, he likes to see things different and from an other perspective than everybody else.


Emanuel Ruefenacht
Emanuel is a physical education teacher and dancer. Movement, play, dance and improvisation have been part of his life ever since. He likes to become aware of, question and play with movement habits and find new, unique and personal ways of physical expression.
Lukas Picozzi
RELATIONS (Who am I in a group?)
Lukas is a Socialworker. He has experience in Theater (Classic, Improvisation and Socialtheater) since 12 years. He likes to move because change is the the only certainty there is. And change means move!
Sarah Herr
Sarah is a contemporary dancer and teaches circus (partner acobatics and aerials) since many years. She loves to move together with a partner, using pricinciples of weight shifting,momentum and manipluation.
Meret Rufener
Meret is a physical therapist and contemporary dancer. She teaches acrobatic partnering and lindy hop. She likes to share her interest in precise movement and it´s analysis with other people.
Nina Müller
Nina is a passionate contemporary dance teacher fascinated by people and their ways of moving. She has years of experience in several dance styles and loves to combine them into a physical Contemporary dance adventure for everyone.
Sabrina Jud
Elements of Dance
Sabrina teaches dance for sports students at University of Berne. She’s also co-director of a dance company and a passionate dancer. Since she was a little girl she has always liked to move her body and to explore movements in various sports as well as dance. Her passion has led her to study sports and to focus on dances such as Jazz, Modern, Salsa and Hip Hop. As a teacher she loves to motivate people to explore different aspects of dance.
Albin Corbaz
Albin is interested in movement and work with the body since many years and in many ways: Sport, stretching, Eutony, Eurythmy, Bothmer Gymnastik, Ball Folk, Modern dance improvisation, new dance, massage, theater, speach, singing, sticks training. As a social education worker he accompanies people in their individual needs and specialities since 23 years. He dances and teaches contact improvisation in Bern. Moving makes me feel alive. The very specific body perception and tone developed in contact improvisation fascinate him.
Chris Lechner
ZigZag Running Session
He works as a movement artist with a special curiosity towards performing that installs the body in various contexts, using light, glass and water. He oscillates between choreographed and improvised work. He discovered dance at the age of fourteen, while training for the black belt in Taekwon-do. After a carrier as soloist with the Hamburg, Zurich and Stuttgart Ballet companies during which he performed in works created for him by leading choreographers, he went on as an independent artist and has drawn upon various sources in his movement work, such as fascial bodywork, Chi practices, Water dance, gravity based motion, partner work, experiential anatomy, Running, CI and Yoga. He has lived and worked in the UK, Switzerland, Germany and India, where besides his creative research, he has taught, mentored work in various contexts and collaborated with local artists.


Janko Richter
Janko’s Father and his Mother were training Capoeira, so Janko was born in the World of Capoeira and never left it. Beside of Capoeira he also went through athletism, gymnastics, volleyball, climbing and soccer. Since 2012 he gives classes for childrens and adults in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.
José Manuel Hidalgo
Fighters Workout
José Manuel Hidalgo is a kinetic pedagogue, fitness coach and is practicing Kyokushinkai Karate, Seidokaikan and Kickbox PLUS.
Stefan Rickli
Kettukari / Kobudo
Stefan is Karate and Kobudo teacher for many years at the Maru Dojo Bern. After studying tai chi for a few years, he started with karate in 2001 and kobudo in 2004 after his sensei returned from Okinawa (Japan) and India. Join him for an unusual view into the world of martial arts.


Lilian Habegger
Hula Hoop
I discovered the hoop six years ago and have never let it go since then … After a serious illness and as a mother of two little children I didn’t have the energy to attend a regular training. The Hula Hoop offered me the possibility to exercise at home and outdoor in my free time. As the hoops fascinated me more and more and I got inquiries for courses I took the training as a Hoop Girl Trainer. I have visited a Hoop Covention every year to lear new moves, to improve my knowledge and to meet hoopers from all over the world. My first hoop was stiff and heavy and hurt with every rotation. Therefore I now produce and sell suitable hoops for any age and in any size together with my husband.
Milena Lippuner
Aerial (Trapeze) and acrobatics
Since I am little it was very important for me to be able to move my body a lot. I started with climbing and artistic gymnastics. After my school leaving examination I spend a year at a circus school in England (Bristol). The Circuswolrd with the arial and acrobatics sphere fascinated and inspired me a lot. Since I am back I am still very motivated to develop my skills further and it also makes me very happy to pass my acquired knowledge on to other motivated and interested people.
Tanja Lottaz
Aerial Silk / Aerial Hoop
From a young age she was challenging herself with many different sports by curiosity. 2 years ago she started with aerial silks and was fascinated about it. ”The combination of strength, flexibility, dance and concentration is the essence of aerial acrobatics.“ In April 2015 she founded, together with Luana, Volare Bern, to give others the possibility to train the aerial acrobatics.
Luana Greco
Aerial Silk / Aerial Hoop
She was dancing all her life, modern dance, jazz dance and ballet. From the first time she tried aerial silk she was passionate about it. „To be high up and dance with the silks makes a great diversion from the daily routine“ In April 2015 she founded, together with Tanja, Volare Bern, to give others the possibility to train the aerial acrobatics.
Stella Stejskal
Aerial for Anyone
Stella is a Fitness Instructor and a P.E. teacher. Her first love was mountaineering, esp. rock climbing in, but her when her kids were born she was looking for a less life threatening way to move and get moved, so she ended up with aerial dancing, which she has been practising for approx. two years now. She is not a professional aerial dancer, but is passionate about it and loves to share this passion with you!
Sophie Aebersold
Sophie a certified movement therapist enjoyed teaching from 2012 to 2014 in Wunderplunder, the theatre circus. She brings a rich palette of experiences in acting, improvisation and arrangement of acts. During the time in the circus she devoted to the aerial silks and loves to share her passion with all kinds of people.
Zekarias Andeberhan
Bouncing Juggling /Acrobat and Valance Act
Circus art is a simple language that connects people all over the world. I have been in circus society almost half of my life. Every day I performed to see how people enjoy because of the art that I did. That’s my joy of life. I am joining this movement of art because of creating a healthy influence of circus art and to teach what I have been learning all my life and learn from others too.
Dominik Käuferle
Learn to juggle better
Dominik is a project manager at the Federal Office of Topography swisstopo. While juggling with tasks and diaries at work, he enjoys juggling balls and clubs in his spare time. His fascination bases upon the endless opportunities to combine moves, rhythms and mental exercise alone or in groups.
Torbjørn Sunde
Learn to juggle better
Torbjørn Sunde likes to move because it is fascinating to him what is possible to do with the most advanced machinery your brain ever going to operate.


Benjamin Buus
Natural Training
Benjamin is a movement coach with roots in natural/ancestral movement based in Copenhagen. Benjamin started in Interaction Design (human – computer interaction) but realised that his passion lay in “Human – Human interaction” and made it his mission is to inspire people to play and move more, together and on their own. “Choose play and learn to enjoy sucking at stuff.”
Kasper Buus
Natural Training
Kasper Buus is an actor and dancer studying physical theatre in Copenhagen. Mixing contact impro, rough housing, play, natural movement, tree climbing and tricking. “How Can i inspire myself to move and keep moving?” Is The question that behind kasper's practice.
Daniel Piller
WORST-CASE-TRAINING: Becoming antifragile
Being an osteopath, physiotherapist and teacher for physical education, Daniel has been interested in movement ever since. From an early age he was particularly fascinated by boardsports like skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. Having suffered from various injuries, Daniel realised that in order for being able to pursue his passion as long as possible, there was a need to invest in risk management and training. Given that he could not find an optimal training concept however, he started to develop his own movement concept called „worst-case-training“, which is based on Daniel´s professional knowledge and his personal sports experience.
Gilles Cherix
Joyful movement through the Franklin method®/ Body care and tension release
Gilles loves partner dancing because it enables him to connect to himself through his body and share that connection with other people. He danced to latin rhythms before diving deep into french bal folk, Lindy hop and Blues dancing. He loves Blues so much because of the wide spectrum of emotions that it conveys.He believes that a playful and joyful attitude is your best ally in class, on the dance floor and beyond.
Prune Derriennic
In 2010, after ten years performing professionally as an actress in Paris and New York, Prune found herself yearning for a way to explore more deeply her connection to movement and expression. She discovered Wutao, which completely transformed her relationship to her body, breath, and personal life. Over the past six years, Prune has worked closely with the creators of Wutao, and is a certified “Professeure.”


Christian Finger
Concentration and Focus
As a sport psychologist, Christian is working with professional and non professional athletes in many different sports to optimise their mind in order to perform at their best. In his understanding, sport offers a lot of opportunities to develop personality and to learn for “real life”. Supporting people to perform at their best and strengthen their mental power is one of the key factors for his daily motivation. In his leisure time, Christian is a passionate springboard diver and love to explore new movement patterns.